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Seeing how difficult it was to find good quality, simple instructions on how to make realistic gum paste sugar flowers, either via books or video, I decided to produce a series of step-by-step, over-the-shoulder video courses with everything in one place for you to learn quickly and easily, at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

Having spent over 30 years making celebration cakes and decorating them with sugar flowers as well as teaching sugarcraft courses for Adult Education students and running private sugarcraft courses in my own commercial kitchen, puts me in a unique position to show you how to make these amazing flowers.

You’ll have the benefit of all my experience including the tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way, making it so much easier for you to make your own stunning flowers.

For several years I ran my own celebration cake business and also helped people to start their own celebration cake business.

I still make cakes, but not on the scale I used to because now I concentrate more on showing people how to make gum paste sugar flowers, which is really my passion.

Wishing you every success,

Joyce Freeman

Joyce Freeman


‘I’ve always enjoyed baking cakes and especially trying out new recipes but when it came to putting the icing on the cake, I was no good at it at all. I just ruined the appearance of my cakes and I had never been that interested in learning how to improve them. That was until…’

…I was given the opportunity to take a professional sugarcraft course when I was asked to train as a sugarcraft teacher. I reluctantly agreed to take the course thinking that if I really didn’t like it then I would gracefully back out because stiff, formal, Royal Iced cakes did not really appeal to me.

A huge range of sugar flowers

The first course I took was held on 3 mornings a week at a college that was an hour’s drive away, so I was not too pleased that it was an early start.

When I arrived at the college I found my way to the classroom and, glancing around, I saw a huge range of flowers in cases and people were gathered around looking at them.

What had they to do with icing a cake?

They looked very realistic but I couldn’t get close enough to see what they were made of, then someone said that we were going to learn how to make them.

Really! What on earth for?

However, on closer inspection, I realised they were very delicate, just like real flowers and someone said that they were made of sugar and that is when my interest really kicked in. That was the first time I had ever seen gum paste sugar flowers.

Expensive and often frustrating

Over the next 3 years I took every course I could find to learn all I could about making gum paste flowers from the best and most highly skilled teachers. It was expensive and the drawback was that quite often, by the time I got home, I discovered I’d not taken enough notes and had forgotten exactly what we had been taught so I had to wait until the next lesson to find out. I found that part very frustrating.

I also found that although I was taught very well how to make the flowers I was not shown how to assemble them into arrangements so I took a flower arranging course so I could arrange the flowers properly on the cakes.

That is why, when I show someone how to make a flower I also show them how to make an arrangement using them.

I absolutely loved every minute of the time I was learning all about gum paste flowers and before long I was not only teaching other people how to make them but I was also running my own celebration cake business.

Sugar craft artist and teacher

Over the years that I have been working as a sugarcraft artist and teacher I have developed my own ways of doing things. Mainly because when you are professionally producing vast numbers of cakes and sugar flowers you need to find ways to produce amazing looking cakes and decorations, in the shortest possible time, without any loss of quality. One of the main considerations was to make the cakes and the flowers stay in one piece while you transport them to the customer.

After all these years

I still get a great amount of satisfaction when I see the amazed look on someone’s face when they see a cake I have produced. They just cannot believe that all the flowers are made of sugar and the first thing they do is take photographs.

I think that satisfies the side of me that likes to show off – but don’t tell anyone. If you learn how to make gum paste sugar flowers and you will know exactly what I mean.

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