What to Ask a Client

What to Ask Clients to Get Sugar Flowers and Cakes Just Right

When making a cake for yourself, you can choose what type of cake and decorations you prefer. 

If you are making one as a present for a friend or a family member, you may ask what type of cake they prefer and what color it should be, but you will undoubtedly decide how the finished cake will look. 

However, if you are making a cake for a paying client, it will be a rare occasion when they say, “I will leave it up to you,” as they usually have very definite ideas of what they want. They may be open to suggestions, but ultimately it will be their decision about what the finished cake will look like.

Do you know what questions to ask so you can give a bride exactly the cake she wants? Get this right, and she will have nothing to complain about.

Wedding cakes

A wedding cake will most likely be the most important cake anyone will ever have.

The bride will generally choose the type of flowers, the colors, and the design of the cake, but sometimes they don’t have any idea of what they would like, so they give you a few vague details and expect you to design a cake they approve of and produce their dream cake.

The bride usually has the final say about what the cake will look like, even if the groom accompanies her and tries to make some suggestions. Occasionally, the groom will make all the decisions, but it rarely happens.

The secret is to ask the right questions.


The most important question you will ask a bride before discussing the details is, “What’s your budget?” You can only begin to gather the information you need when you have established that she can afford a custom-made cake.

Ask the following questions to ensure that the flowers and the cake will be what the bride is looking for.

The flowers

  • What flowers will be in her bouquet, and does she want the wedding cake flowers to match them?
  • If she doesn’t want the flowers on the cake to match her bouquet, what flowers does she want?
  • What type of arrangements does she want on the cake – small ones, large ones, hanging ones, ones that stand up from the cake, or ones that lay flat on the cake?
  • What colors will the flowers be?

The cakes

  • How many people will it serve?
  • How many tiers does she want?
  • Does she want it to be a stacked cake with pillars or on a unique stand?
  • What type of cake would she like – heavy fruit cake, light fruit cake (which is fondant iced), sponge, or chocolate, that can be fondant covered or iced with frosting, buttercream, etc., and the flavor of the frosting &  fillings?
  • What color will her dress be? (Unless she has some quirky ideas, you could suggest that the cake’s color matches the dress)?
  • Does she want the sides of the cake piped with lace or left plain, etc.?

After gathering all the information, you can then say what you can produce to fit their budget. When all the details are agreed upon, ask if the cake will be collected or if it will be delivered, you will need the address of the venue, the delivery date, and the time.

Most importantly, tell them the amount of deposit they need to pay to reserve the order and the date of final payment before the event. Make it clear that the cake cannot be collected or delivered unless full payment has been made. 

When I started, I trusted everyone, and I didn’t even ask for deposits, and for years, I wasn’t let down until the day came when I didn’t get paid for a wedding cake.

I was promised payment when I delivered it to the venue, but the bride forgot to leave the money with the caterers. 

The next day I received a phone call, and she promised to pay me when she returned from her honeymoon. 

Three weeks passed, and I heard nothing, so I went to her house, which was empty. A neighbor told me that the couple split up two weeks after getting married, and I never found her and never got the money. 

After that, I started charging a deposit and only delivering or handing over a cake after payment.

Now don’t be surprised if you get some strange requests.


Then, of course, some brides have unusual ideas for their cake. Black wedding cake flowers on a white cake – I was surprised at how stunning it looked.  Purple cake and red flowers, brown cake, and green flowers  – need I go on?

Wedding Cake Love

What’s the bottom line?


Customers should expect to pay a premium price for a custom cake with beautiful wedding cake flowers.

It amazes me that anyone ordering a custom-made wedding cake allows such a low budget for it. They seem to have no idea how long the wedding cake flowers take to make, how much work goes into producing the cake itself, and how long it takes to decorate it.

They allow huge budgets for the caterers, the drink, the dress, the flowers, etc., but think the cake will be the cheapest expense of their wedding. 

That’s not correct because a bride must expect to pay a reasonable price if she wants a custom-made cake. Wedding cakes nowadays cost between $500 and thousands of dollars.

Plenty of cheap, dry, tasteless, ugly cakes are sold in supermarkets, but you pay for what you get. 

Producing custom-made wedding cakes decorated with gumpaste wedding cake flowers takes time, and the baker/pastry chef wants to be paid well for doing such a skilled job.

To avoid confusion about your cakes’ prices, prepare a brochure with a price list. It’s something you could do yourself on a computer.

List the prices for each size of the cake, the price for a plain cake, a cake with simple decorations, and an estimate for different amounts of gumpaste flowers. That way, there will be no confusion about your cake’s cost. 

List the wedding cakes separately from the celebration cakes as wedding cakes will cost much more than a birthday cake.

If a customer is unwilling to pay your price for a cake, then advise her to buy one at the supermarket and, NO, don’t offer discounts.

If you have any experiences to share or have any questions, please put them in the comments box below. I would love to hear from you.

Joyce Freeman

Joyce Freeman

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