Baby in the Blossom Cake Topper

How to Make a Gumpaste Baby in a Blossom – Video 7

This is the 7th Video in a 10 Part Series on making gumpaste flowers that are beginner-friendly. 

This step-by-step Baby in a Blossom video tutorial shows everything you need to know as if you were in the classroom with me, and nothing is left out.

Start with Video No 1  How to Make a Gumpaste Rose and work your way through them, and over the ten videos, you will learn a lot of basic techniques that will enable you to make a range of gumpaste sugar flowers leaves. 

You will also be shown how to assemble the parts and make them into an arrangement to put onto a cake.

If you prefer to read, this blog post has everything you need to start.

I’ve also included references to key points in the video that need to be shown rather than explained.

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Let’s begin…

If you have been following the videos in order, you will have learned many different techniques, so now is the time to make something so you can practice them.

Making cake toppers is lots of fun and will save you a lot of money if you can make them yourself rather than buy them.

I looked at Etsy, a website that sells gumpaste flowers and items made for decorating cakes, and I was astounded to learn that a cake topper similar to the one I am about to make sells for between 45 and 60 USD.

This topper is easy to make, and I think you will be delighted with the result.

“A Baby in a Blossom” is lots of fun to make, and it will give you a chance to practice your gumpaste skills.

Making this gives me another chance to use my blossom cutters, and the cake topper could be used for a Christening cake, a first Birthday cake, or a Baby Shower cake.

This cake topper consists of a baby laid in a blossom under a leaf coverlet and surrounded by rose leaves.

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Making the Blossom

My first task is to make the blossom petals because they need to dry first before using them.

I’m using two different sizes of blossom cutters, 3″/7½ cm, and a 2½ “/6½ cm, but you could use any two sizes you prefer depending on the size of the cake.

Two Sizes Blossom Cutters
Two sizes of blossom cutters

I’ve already made two formers in which to dry the blossoms. I’ve made them out of thick pieces of aluminum foil that I’ve folded up and hollowed out. They are quite rigid and make excellent formers. Refer to Video at 00:56

I used a ring slightly larger to make the formers than the one I used in Video 4. 

Do have a go at making formers yourself because although you can buy formers or find things around the kitchen to use as formers, there will always be the flower that won’t fit into anything you have.

For more information on making formers refer to “Making formers” in Video 4, “How to Make a Gumpaste Open Rose.” 

I’m using some pale pink gumpaste for this flower, but if you are making one for a boy, you could use white, yellow, or blue. If it’s a topper for a baby shower and you don’t know the sex of the baby, then white or yellow would be the best choice.

First, I’m rolling out the paste, and it doesn’t want to be too thin, so the blossom breaks easily but not too thick, so it looks clumsy.

I think I’ve now got it to the stage of the gumpaste being rolled evenly and thin enough. 

As you get used to working with gumpaste, when you roll it out, you will be able to feel if it’s even or not or if there are any uneven bumps.

I’m cutting out the largest size first, then running my finger around the edge of the cutter to make sure I have a clean-cut and remove any ragged bits.  

Now I’m cutting the smaller sized blossom. Even after running a finger around the edge of the cutter to make sure it has a smooth cut, sometimes there are bits left, or it may not have cut perfectly.  If that happens, when I remove the blossom from the cutter, I take a sharp knife and trim off any surplus paste. Refer to Video at 03:17

Trimming Petals
Trimming the petals

After putting one of the blossoms under cling film/plastic wrap, I’ll wrap up any gumpaste I’m not using because, as I have stressed before, it prevents it from drying out, and you will be able to use it on another project. 

Next, I’m going to use the handle of my fine paintbrush (you can use any tool you feel comfortable with) to go around the edge of each petal of the blossom to thin it and give it some movement. Refer to Video at 04:10

I’ve finished going around each one, and now I’m dusting my hand and the blossom with cornflour/cornstarch and placing it on my hand.

As I’ve said before, you might feel much happier working on a foam flower pad instead of your hand. It’s a case of personal preference and what you feel more comfortable doing. Personally, because I was taught to work the gumpaste on my hand, and I think I have more control over what I am doing, I use my hand.

Now I have the blossom on my hand, with my bone tool, I’m slightly hollowing out each petal. Refer to video at 05:23

Shaping the Blossom
Shaping the blossom

Being careful not to distort it, I’m now pressing the blossom gently into the former to give it a beautiful blossom shape.

The second petal needs to be worked on in the same way and put into its former.

Always use cornflour/cornstarch to work with gumpaste and not icing /confectioners powdered sugar.

If you use icing sugar/confectioners sugar, it can get very sticky when you work with gumpaste. Especially if your hands get hot as you work or your working conditions are warm and humid.

Leave the blossom in their formers for 24-48 hours before you use them, so they are really hard and won’t break while being assembled.

In fact, I made the ones I am about to work on a week ago, so they are really dry and hard.

Drying Blossoms
Drying the blossoms

Making a base for the blossom

Next, I need to mount the blossom onto a base. For this, I will use a small silver board approximately 4″/10 cm diameter, or you could make a base out of a circle of gumpaste about ⅛”/ ½ cm thick and leave it to dry.

I’m using a piece of gum paste about a golf ball’s size, I’m using white, but you could use pale green or the same color as the blossom if you prefer.

I am forming the gumpaste into a circle that is about 2″/5 cm in diameter and ¾”/2 cm thick, and besides using it to mount the flower, I will also use it to mount the leaves around the blossom. Refer to Video at 08:33

Now I have made the circle of gumpaste, and I’m painting some glue in the middle of the silver board and placing the gumpaste onto the center.

Gumpaste Disk on Board
Placing the gumpaste disk on the board

After I’ve left it for a couple of hours to dry, I’m painting the center of the gumpaste disc with some glue, then placing the larger blossom onto the center of the gumpaste disc. Refer to Video at 09:34

Next, I’m painting a little more glue into the center of the blossom that’s already in place and putting the second blossom onto the first. Refer to Video at 09:43

I’ve made sure that the second blossom’s petals are lined up, so they come between the petals of the first blossom then leave it for the glue to dry.

Blossoms Mounted on Board
Blossoms mounted on the board

At this stage, if you wish, you can tint the edges of the petals with petal dust so they are slightly darker.

For more information on using petal dust, see Video 2, “How to Make a Gumpaste Wild Rose.”

Putting the baby in the blossom

Now I’m going to make the baby that will lay the blossom.

I am making the baby myself because only the head can be seen under the blanket. However, if you are skilled at modeling, you can make a more detailed baby or plenty of baby molds on the market you could use.

If you are beginning to work with gumpaste, this baby is quite good enough to practice your skills. I have used this baby on many Christening and baby shower cakes.

The baby is made from a small ball of white paste for the head and another slightly bigger ball, which I’m rolling out to a long shape to form the body of the baby. I’ve set them aside to dry for a couple of hours. Refer to Video at 10:37

Gumpaste Baby
Making the gumpaste baby

The blossom center is a little too deep for the baby, so I need to add a disc of white gumpaste (or I could use the pink that I used for the blossom), so the baby will be a little higher.

I made the disc with a slight indent in the center so the baby would lay in it without rolling around while I assemble everything and let it dry.

I’m putting a little bit of glue into the center of the blossom and putting the disc in place.

Gumpaste Disk in Place
The gumpaste disc in place

I’m painting some glue in the indent on the gumpaste disc and putting the baby’s head and body in place. Refer to Video at 12:00

Gumpaste Baby in Place
The gumpaste baby in place

Making the Coverlet

I’m making the coverlet from a leaf, so I’m cutting one out of some green paste. What color green you use will depend on what style of cake you are making. 

If you look at the pictures or the video, you will see that one of my completed toppers has very dark leaves. I only made that dark because sometimes it is difficult to see what I have made under the studio lights, but I wouldn’t usually make it as dark as that to go on a baby’s cake. 

I’m not wiring the leaf I’m using for the coverlet, so once I have cut it out and made sure the edges are clean, I’m laying it on the veiner and pressing it gently to imprint the veins on the front of the leaf. Then turn it over and imprint the veins on only the top of the leaf’s back. Refer to Video at 13:09

I’m painting a little glue on the baby’s body and around the sides of the gumpaste disc. 

Next, I’m folding the tip of the leaf over, then placing it over the baby so you can see the top of its head and pressing it gently around the baby.  Finally, I’m turning the tip of the leaf upwards. Refer to Video at 14:09 

Using some brown petal dust, I’ve tinted the top of the baby’s head to look like hair.

Gumpaste Baby Under Coverlet
The baby under the coverlet

Making the leaves

Now I’m making some wired rose leaves by the easy method that I showed you in a previous project. When I’ve wired the leaves, I am bending them over slightly so that when I put them around the blossom’s base, they cover it completely.

I’ll leave them to dry before I use them.

For information on making some easily wired rose leaves, see Video 3, “How to Make a Gumpaste Formal Rose.”

The rose leaves are put into the gumpaste that the blossom is standing on, so I’m trimming the wires so they are just long enough to insert into the gumpaste beneath the blossom. Refer to Video at 15:08

Inserting Leaves in Base
Inserting the leaves in the base

I’m making sure that the leaves cover the base that the blossom is standing on.

Now you know how this cake topper is made, I am sure that after you have made it yourself, in the future, you will be able to come up with your own interpretation of it.

A larger blossom, more wave in the petals, a different arrangement of leaves, different color combinations, a different baby, etc., etc., depending on the cake you are making.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below.

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Gumpaste Baby in Blossom
The baby in the blossom
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