What is Fondant Made Of?

What is Fondant Made Of?

Sugar is the main ingredient used in Fondant. You can easily make it yourself or buy it ready-made. 

It’s used is as icing on a cake and gives an amazingly smooth finish. After rolling it out thinly, it’s molded onto the cake and can also be used to make frills and drapes to decorate the cake.

Fondant is made of softball toffee with glucose, glycerine, gelatin, syrup, and white vegetable fat added and then kneaded into a white pliable dough. Fondant is easy to make using a tabletop mixer or by hand.

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How to make fondant
Fondant is quite easy to make, but you will need to use a sugar thermometer for making rolling fondant to achieve perfect results.

It can be made by hand, but it is much easier to make with a tabletop mixer, especially if you need a large quantity of fondant.

You start by making toffee with sugar and water, cooling it, and then adding glycerine, gelatin, liquid glucose, syrup, and white vegetable fat.

All the ingredients are mixed to make a dough and then turned onto a board and kneaded until it’s smooth.

The fondant is then wrapped tightly in plastic to prevent it from drying until you are ready to use it, or if you wish to keep it for longer, then double wrap it and place it in the freezer.

I am sure you would like to have a go at making fondant. If you’ve never made it yourself, you will be surprised how easy it is…

Fondant recipe
You can buy ready-made fondant at any cake supplier, but nothing is like the fondant you make yourself.

This recipe is straightforward to make by hand or with a tabletop mixer. However, you should use a sugar thermometer to make sure the sugar is heated to the right temperature.

You can make it without using a sugar thermometer, but it’s easy to over or undercook the sugar, and the resulting fondant may not be easy to work with.

If you’re going to work with sugar, it is well worth investing in an inexpensive sugar thermometer because it’s used in many cake decorating recipes.

Easy Rolling fondant recipe

Vegan Fondant Recipe

In this fondant recipe, animal-based products are replaced with vegan ones, so if you follow a vegan diet by choice or because of health reasons, don’t be put off making fondant.

Vegan products are available from health shops and cake supply shops, and the resulting fondant is no different in taste and texture as the one using animal products.

Vegan fondant recipe

You now know where to find recipes for making your own fondant, but do you know what it is used for?

What is Fondant Used For?
Rolling fondant ready to use

What is fondant used for?
Rolling Fondant is mainly used for covering cakes. It’s called rolling fondant because it’s a pliable dough that can be rolled out thinly and molded to a cake’s shape.

You can also use fondant to sculpt shapes, make figures, and produce elaborate frills and folds.

Fondant can be dyed to give strong solid colors or subtle, delicate shades using gel paste colors.

Liquid colors aren’t used because they alter the texture of the fondant and make it difficult to use.

A more recent cake decorating development has seen artists using a cake decorated with rolled fondant to paint elaborate scenes and pictures on the sides and the top of the cake.

Pouring fondant is another type of fondant.  Small cakes are dipped into the fondant to cover them completely, or fondant is poured over larger cakes to cover them completely or give a dripped effect down the sides.

Do you know what fondant tastes like? 

What does fondant taste like?
As you would expect of something mainly made with sugar and water, the fondant is very sweet and has a slightly chewy texture.

Because it is usually flavored with vanilla, it has a reputation for having quite a bland, sweet flavor.

Because of this, I found that the fondant I used to cover a cake was rarely eaten.

I asked people why they didn’t eat the fondant and they told me they preferred Royal icing because it wasn’t so sweet.

That was a strange answer because both Royal icing and fondant are made of sugar and water.

After considering these answers for some time, I compared what was different about both icings that would affect the taste. I suddenly realized that Royal icing is made with lemon juice which counteracts the sweetness.

From then on, I mixed lemon juice into the fondant, and to my delight, the fondant on the next cake was all eaten, and I was complimented on my “New” fondant icing that was much better than the old one.

You now know what it tastes like, but is it good to eat?


Is fondant good to eat?
Fondant is good to eat, especially if you make your own.

I don’t know what preservatives manufacturers put into shop-bought fondant, but I am certain that there will be nothing added that hasn’t passed rigorous testing.

However, if you make your own, you know exactly what you’ve put in it, and if you are vegan, you can follow the vegan recipe.

You can find the links for fondant recipes above.

Sugar paste, fondant rolling, fondant are they different?


Difference between sugar paste and fondant
Sugarpaste, fondant, rolled fondant, rolled icing all mean the same thing.

Different countries use different names.

In the UK, sugar paste is more frequently used to refer to rolled fondant, and fondant usually refers to pouring fondant.

Pouring fondant is a thick warm liquid that small cakes are dipped into, or it’s poured over larger cakes to leave a smooth, even coat.

In the US or Australia, it is referred to as rolled fondant or ready-to-roll icing.

Is Marzipan the same as fondant, and can I use it instead of fondant?

Home-Made Marzipan
Marzipan ready to use

Can marzipan be used instead of fondant?

No, marzipan cannot be used instead of fondant.

They are sometimes used for similar purposes, but they are completely different and are made with different ingredients.

Marzipan is a dough that can be rolled out thinly and used to cover cakes. It can also be used to make figures for decorating a cake and for making candies.

It’s made with ground almonds/almond meal which are almonds that have been blanched in hot water, had the skins removed, and have been ground to a texture that is not as fine as flour.

You can use marzipan under fondant to cover Christmas cakes and Wedding cakes, and it can be used to coat a cake on its own in a similar way as you would do with fondant.

Because marzipan is made with ground almonds/almond meal it has a slightly rough texture. How rough it is will depend on how fine the almonds were ground, and it tastes of sweet almonds.

Marzipan’s natural color is pale yellow, but it can be dyed with Gel Paste food colors.

Rolled Fondant has a smooth texture, its natural color is white.

Marzipan has its own special uses, but it’s not a replacement for fondant.

I hope this has answered any questions you have about what fondant is made of, and some of its uses but if you have any others, please ask in the comments box below, and I will do my best to answer them.

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